The Ceppaglia Family

    November 08, 2022

    I’m excited to introduce you to Jazmine and her 3 adorable kids, Blake, Angelina and Cristian. I loved hearing about her kids because they had so many similarities to mine. Blake is a science and fossil fanatic who loves learning how things work. Angelina is a caring and motherly sister to her two brothers. But don’t be too deceived by her sweetness because her competitive spirit comes out in her love for ice hockey. And Cristian is a math wiz and loves numbers. He's the sweet, handsome little brother who runs the show. Sounds familiar!  



    Jazmine was born and raised in Los Angeles. As a girl, she never traveled anywhere. She told me when she was in 4th grade she read a National Geographic about a young girl from Saudi Arabia. Since then she knew she wanted to travel and experience life in different cultures.



    Jazmine and her husband Gianpiero make travel a priority in their lives. She told me how she always sets aside a budget to make sure she can travel with her kids each year. “I always want my kids to experience what it’s like to live in different places.” I so related to her outlook on traveling with kids. Travel allows you to see outside your own bubble. Last year Jazmine took her family (including her 70 year old mom) to Kenya! And next on her bucket list : “I want to spend a month in South Italy!” She wants a fully immersive cultural experience and to really dig into learning Italian. Her husband was born and raised in Italy, and she really wants her kids to understand and love their heritage. Gianpiero is a chef at a popular Italian restaurant called Angelini Osteria, so the family knows their Italian food well!



    Thank you Jazmine for sharing your time and family with us. I admire your dedication to family travel and exploring new cultures.

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    Favorite Place They've Visited

    Jazmine: Thailand

    Cristian: Italy

    Blake: Kenya


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