Adventure Band - Blue (Culture)

    Product Description

    Our Blue Adventure Band represents CULTURE in our adventures. We believe in respectfully learning about cultures different from our own. We love learning about different traditions, religions, foods, sports and lifestyles. Different cultures is what makes this world so special. We're all different, but at our core we're all the same. 

    Here are some of the many ways we’ve used our Adventure Bands:

    • Keep your hair out of your face on a windy hike in Nepal.
    • Wipe your camera clean from the mist of a waterfall in Iceland.
    • Play pass with it, with wild dolphins in the open sea.
    • Keep the sun off your neck in the desert of Dubai.
    • Double wrap it around your wrist as a sweatband in Thailand.
    • Keep your hair under wraps on a scuba dive in Belize.
    • Cover your mouth on a crowded subway in New York.
    • Tie it on your handle to identify your luggage at the airport.
    • Give one to each of your kids to easily spot them at Disneyland.
    • Wear it as a gaiter around your neck and mouth to keep warm in Utah.

    All Adventure Bands are hand-drawn and designed by Garrett Gee.

    50% of the profits from this Adventure Band launch will go to the Ethandweni Children's Home in Zimbabwe Africa.

    Learn more about the Ethandweni Children's Home here.

    Materials & Care

    100% Micro-fiber

    Hand wash with cold water, hang to dry


    Adult: 9.8" x 19.6"

    Youth:16" x 9.84"