Adventure Band - Safari Tan

    Product Description

    Safari Tan - Rustic earth tone inspired by the beautiful plains of Africa.

    The Adventure Band is more than a headband. It’s more than a neck gaiter or bandana. We created the name, Adventure Band because these are a MUST HAVE for any adventure! Here are some of the many ways we’ve used ours:

    • Keep your hair out of your face on a windy hike in Nepal.
    • Wipe your camera clean from the mist of a waterfall in Iceland.
    • Play pass with it, with wild dolphins in the open sea.
    • Keep the sun off your neck in the desert of Dubai.
    • Double wrap it around your wrist as a sweatband in Thailand.
    • Keep your hair under wraps on a scuba dive in Belize.
    • Cover your mouth on a crowded subway in New York.
    • Tie it on your handle to identify your luggage at the airport.
    • Give one to each of your kids to easily spot them at Disneyland.
    • Wear one around your neck and mouth to keep warm in Utah.

    All Adventure Bands are hand-drawn and designed by Garrett Gee.

    Youth Size is 2" shorter than the Adult size

    Materials & Care

    100% Micro-fiber

    Hand wash with cold water, hang to dry


    Adult: 9.8" x 19.6"

    Youth:16" x 9.84"